Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Thoughts - Puppy Cows

My husband and I are proud owners of the cutest beagle puppies.  Gambit is male and just over a year old.  He's mine.  Storm is female and only about six months old.  She is my husband's dog and she absolutely adores him.

I'm not exactly sure why, but our puppies seem to think they are cows now.  Storm was the first to start regularly munching on grass in the backyard.  Nothing will distract her from chewing on those green blades.

Gambit and Storm
My husband believes this behavior is due to an upset stomach or a need for some nutrient.  I have no idea and it's just weird.

It didn't take long before Gambit decided to join in on the cow action.  He's not quite as focused on it, but he seems to be giving it a pretty good try.

I'm beginning to wonder if we should teach them to moo....

3 mad comments:

NaturallyComfy said...

My daughter has 2 beagle puppies (9 months?) and we puppy sat last month while they were on vacation. Every time they went out to potty I couldn't hardly get them back in because they were eating the grass. I think they were just having fun and playing. Must be a beagle thing. Too cute.

Karen T said...

Maybe it is a beagle thing...hadn't thought of that. Plus, they have markings that look kind of like a cow...hmmm

Fascia Berlin said...

Absolutely adorable!!!! Our beagle eats grass also and then throws up - I think your husband is onto something. Enjoy the little ones!

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