Friday, June 10, 2011

Feature Friday - Funky Felt Flowers

photo by Funky Felt Flowers
One of the great things about selling somewhere like Etsy is that you're not alone.  Other people are having the same kinds of experiences you are and sharing them just seems to make the  frustration a little easier to tolerate.  Michele opened Funky Felt Flowers in January, ready to share her creativity with the world.  Here is how she describes her Etsy madness...
The Etsy Enigma
I have to say that when I first opened shop on Etsy, I thought my creations would sell themselves. I had no idea the amount of work that lay ahead of me. There's a tremendous amount of marketing/networking/promoting to be accomplished. Unfortunately, I'd have to admit that it's about 95% business and 5% creativity. 
I am one of thousands of shops, and in order to stand out, I have to "shout" out. I've completed all the requisite assists, like starting a blog, a Facebook Fan page and a Twitter account. Everyday, I try to impart a bit of info to keep my name in circulation. 
Well, it doesn't seem to be working that well. I've had six sales since I opened in January. Nobody else on Etsy creates the things I do. I'm flummoxed...I don't know what else to do. 
The one fantastic thing about Etsy, though, is its community. It's like one big family. There are thousands of shops, but everyone is very supportive of one another and respectful as well. Etsy provides various tools to help shops with exposure as well as communication among artisans. There are teams, applications, treasuries - all tools that aid in sales and camaraderie. I feel very at home and have made many friends on Etsy. 
Now if I could only get some traffic!! All I know is that I like what I do and I'm going to keep moving forward because I'm bound to be noticed someday! (I'm crossing my fingers)
Hang in there, Michele.  You have wonderful product photos, a great name, and a creative product.  I love the sense of humor in your descriptions, too.  People will start noticing you. 
A few suggestions...
  • Include metric measurements for our friends outside of the United States.  
  • Use clever color descriptions to show up in more searches.  I like Name that Color for figuring out color names. Saying "shocking pink" or "Hollywood cerise" to describe a hot pink flower sounds better.  I recently listed a tatted necklace with green stones and described the color as green tea. That quickly landed it in a treasury of green tea themed items.
  • Your shipping cost probably seems high to potential buyers, especially since the felt is lightweight.  Include information about the packaging and shipping that will help the buyer understand what they're paying for.

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