Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Madness - Is Anyone Actually Buying Stuff on Etsy?

I've asked myself that question many times - especially when my shop isn't getting any sales and I hear other sellers saying the same thing.  Obviously, sales are happening on Etsy or they would go out of business.  What are people actually buying then if they're not buying my fabulous creations?

One useful (and strangely difficult to find) tool on Etsy is Pounce. There are two options when you click on Pounce.  One is to look at undiscovered shops (recently updated shops that have not yet had a sale).  I was actually happy when my shop was no longer in this particular category.  The other option is to see items that just sold. 

Why would you want to look at those items that just sold? Besides giving you hope by knowing that people really are buying on Etsy, it's helpful to see what's selling.  No matter how wonderful a shop's items look, how many people look at the items, or how many people even "favorite" the shop or the item, it's the sales that actually mean something.  Scrolling through those "just sold" items can help you see trends - types of items purchased, popular colors, common sizes, and even the way the products were photographed or described.

I must warn you, however, that Pounce is very addictive.  You can spend hours just looking at wonderful creations - page after page after glorious page.  I find myself clicking over to check out their shops and wanting to buy from them, too.

1 mad comments:

Hannah said...

Thanks Karen. I had never thought of using Pounce!

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