Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tatting Tuesday - Looking for a feather pattern

My household is dominated by Native American decor. Many of my most treasured possessions are my powwow regalia and the regalia I made for my sons.  What does this have to do with tatting?  Nothing - that's the problem.

I love tatting and love that it links me to my pioneer heritage.  As much as I love flowers, butterflies, and doilies, I have looked for years to try to find a tatting pattern for a feather.  I'd like to be able to tat some bald eagle feathers that I could put on my dance shawl. 

When Etsy still had its Alchemy feature, I listed this request and had someone willing to try designing a pattern, but it never ended up working out. I'm looking for another brave soul to help me with this quest...

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