Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tatting Tuesday on Thursday - I'm So Blue!

Another one of a kind tatting creation....
It's not that I'm trying to be exclusive. I just keep playing around with tatting and make it up as I go. This latest creation was done in your basic blue cotton thread, size 10. I added blue glass beads for some sparkle.

When I created the focal piece in the middle, I definitely got carried away with the beads, but I like it. I made sure to incorporate the necklace closure into my necklace design so there is no metal involved. Just glass beads and beautiful cotton thread,baby!

Even though I tried to make it small enough to be a snug fit (so it would be easier to let go of), in the end, I discovered it fits me really well. Although I like coming up with these original designs, it's a little depressing knowing that I probably won't make the same thing again. I could probably figure it out from the pictures later, but I'm realistic enough to know that I won't do it.

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