Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tatting Tuesday - Tatting in Public

One of the things I like to do when we set up at a live event is to tat. We've been setting up at some farmers markets lately since Etsy has been so slow. Working on tatting at public events draws attention from those who walk by our table.  It's interesting how many people think tatting is a dying art.  I like hearing people tell me about who they know that tats.

Showing off part of the creative process has been a great boost for our shop.  Even if they don't end up making a purchase, they remember us.  This last weekend, I made some earrings and a pendant by tatting flower designs over small glass decor gems. For the pendant, I made the flowers separately and then connected them over the glass while incorporating a bead at each petal point.

1 mad comments:

Unknown said...

I like to tat in public, also. I then have a chance to tell them the history of tatting and how I enjoy doing it. Some have never heard of it. I take mine with me all the time. One never knows when there will be a few moments to get more tatting done!

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