Friday, July 29, 2011

Thursday Thoughts - Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Paper

Don't worry. I'm not going to make you take a test. My son had an interesting experience last week that made me think about this whole journey of starting my own little business.  Dwayne is 21 and drives like a 21 year-old guy generally does.  He was driving down the road with a burger in one hand, cell phone in the other hand, and a drink between his legs. Definitely not the safest driving scenario!  The driver in the vehicle next to him saw how he was eating, texting, and driving at the same time.  She started yelling at him (his window was open) and was very intent on telling him how unsafe he was.  Unfortunately, she forgot to pay attention to her own driving and didn't see that the car in front of her was stopping.  Crunch!

I realized that I could learn something from this woman's mistake.  She was so focused on what somebody else was doing that she lost track of her own driving.  I've seen this happen to many people trying to get their small businesses started.  Even though there's a lot to learn from seeing how other people are running their businesses, you don't want to spend more time looking outside your business than examining your own.  Some Etsy sellers focus their energies on who they think is breaking the rules, reporting every possible violation to Etsy admins.  If they put the same energy into their own shops, they would see more benefit.

If you keep your eyes on your own paper (shop), you won't fall prey to outside distractions.  After all, nobody could ever be a better you than YOU.

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