Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Etsy Changing Searches and Adds Another Stats Feature

Sometimes I really smile when I see the changes at Etsy. It's nice to know they are trying to improve the experience for buyers and sellers.  When I went to look at my Shop Stats today, I noticed they added little triangles to the line graph.  The triangles indicate when you listed new products in your shop.  When you mouse over the triangle, it will tell you how many new items you listed that day.  For now, it only counts the new items (including when you renew any expired items).  Any current products in your shop that you renew aren't counted.
When listing some new shop items,  I noticed a few other new options. You can choose the type of recipient (man, woman, teen boy, teen girl, baby, etc.), the occasion (birthday, wedding, Christmas, etc.), and the style (Gothic, steampunk, tribal, Western, etc.) of your product.  These will definitely help as buyers search for things!  Etsy administrators explain more in the forums and advise us to only use these descriptors when they apply.  If an item is for everyone, don't select a recipient.  However, if it is only for men, you can let people know.

Intrigued by these changes, I wandered over to the forums to see what other changes had been made.  You will definitely want to read this post about the changes to how Etsy's search function works
  • Item titles are given more weight
  • Words earlier in the title of your product are given more weight
  • Exact word pairs are given more weight
  • For diversity, multiple items from the same shop are split up in search results to prevent any one shop from dominating the results
Improvements in the search process definitely help buyers to connect to our shops better.  Nobody likes to search for a specific item and have a bunch of junk show up in the results. Etsy is continuing to work on improving how products show up in Google searches.  The options they've added to the listing process will eventually drive more traffic to your shop. 

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