Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Madness - I need a model!

This really frustrates me. We've received some recent critiques on our Etsy shop.  People love our products, but feel that people won't buy them the way they are photographed.  It's not new advice. I've seen it in other articles with product photography advice. Products sell better when customers can picture the items being worn or used. 

No matter how nice my photo looks with a lovely tatted necklace draped over a large rock or some other prop, it's not as effective as having a real person wearing it.  That's too bad since I like the challenge of trying new props for my photos. My favorites so far have been my Navajo moccasins and the pewter beer stein my dad brought back from Norway.

We have a body form of an upper torso that we purchased for photographing products, but the color choices were white (snow white, not Caucasian) and black.  We chose black and I like how it looks in the photos, but nobody will mistake it for being a person.

I realize that we need to have an attractive girl/woman to model our jewelry.  It wouldn't be as tough if we made the same things over and over.  Since so much of what we make is unique or one-of-a-kind, we would have to do photo shoots on a regular basis. If I were younger and slimmer, I would model them myself.  My only children are boys and all of our neighbors with children have boys. I'm doomed!

Are you using a real person to model your products for photos? What are the ups and downs of this?

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