Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tatting Tuesday - Tatting with Leather

Okay, I admit it's kind of weird.  We visited the new location of Tandy Leather Factory in Orem over the weekend and I picked up a bunch of 2 yard strands of 2 mm round leather laces.  Before I knew it, I was trying to tat with the leather.

I didn't load it onto a shuttle (I don't have one that large!).  I just used the card it was wrapped on as a makeshift shuttle.  There's a certain stretchiness to the leather cord that makes the experience interesting.

The picots stay overly round and it's difficult to slide the stitches very close together.  Still, I like the funky/chunky look of this flower.  I stacked two layers that had four petals each and then mounted it on a hair clip.  The brick color looks pretty nice when clipped on my black leather purse.

Some of you probably don't like the look - it certainly doesn't look like lace.  I found it was a great teaching tool at this weekend's Wasatch Front Farmers Market since you could clearly see the stitches.  When you compare this to a bracelet tatted in size 80 thread, people are really impressed with not only the beauty of tatting, but the work involved.

2 mad comments:

Bree at "Bree's Way" said...

hahahahaha, tatters will tat with anything! you would not believe some of the things I have tried tatting with! Love seeing your sample, thank you so much for posting!!! It really is the same with knitters and crocheters too, I have tried to knit, crochet and tat with the long blades of grass out here in the front yard, the alfalfa in the back, old extension cords, eyelash yarn ( not good for tatting) anything, you think of it, we try it, lol.

Karen T said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Bri. I thought I was the only weird one. Now I really want to try tatting with grass :-)

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