Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Madness - The Tools of the Trade

No matter what hobby or craft you're passionate about, all artisans/hobbyists have something in common - the tools of the trade.  Once you start making things, it's inevitable that you will begin collecting the tools needed for it.

If you sew, I know you have a stash of fabric and thread that would probably rival some smaller craft stores.  Do you do beadwork? I'm sure your supplies include varying sizes and colors of beads as well as several types of thread and/or wire. Unfortunately, if your passion is more on the hobby side, you probably catch some flack from others in your house or apartment for the giant stash of supplies "you never use."

My husband often tells people that my hobby is collecting hobbies...and he's not far off.  I love learning new skills! I'll give it a try and even buy a few tools and materials, but it all gets stashed away if I don't end up catching on or if I don't finish the project.  I am famous (infamous) for my bags and bags of unfinished projects stored in the basement.  It's still a good thing that I've tried to learn some new skills. Learning how to tat is the biggest accomplishment so far.

I thought I'd share with you a few of my tools of the trade for tatting.  This is my little bag of essentials that I take everywhere.  Until I emptied it out for the photo, I had no idea that I was keeping so many shuttles in there. If you're not a tatter, you probably think it's silly to have so many shuttles. I actually have several more that are either attached to ongoing projects or stored because they have sentimental value.  Most of the shuttles pictured still have thread on them.  Except for the Aero bobbin shuttles, there's no easy way to switch thread. You would have to use it up or unwind it and replace it.  I like the bobbin shuttles because you can change out bobbins to change thread, but I like the Lacis and Clover shuttles more for how they feel when I tat. Some items not pictured are the beads that are usually in there (depending on my latest projects) and a small pair of pliers (for working with necklace closures and earring wires).

In addition to the tatting tools shown here, I have a suitcase full of different threads and a tackle box with a variety of stones and beads.  Even though it's a very portable craft, the supplies can still take up space.  If tatting was my only passion, it wouldn't be so bad.  When I add in all the other crafts that I have tried, that's where my hubby's threat of holding a giant yard sale comes in...

What are the tools of your trade?  Tell me about the variety and where you keep it all.

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