Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Etsy Shop Name Change Different Than I Expected

Today is the glorious day that Etsy finally allowed us to change our shop names. For those of us who were stuck with names that we had outgrown, this is a blessed day indeed.  But, for every silver lining, there certainly is a cloud.

Quickly logging into Etsy, I assumed I should go to my account and edit my profile. Strike one! You can change how your name is listed (first name, first and last names, or nothing), but no place for changing the shop name. Moving on, I checked "account settings."  Strike two! It listed my username as NativeSky and it said "cannot be changed" next to it.  I was about ready to explode.  One more try....

Under "Shop Settings," I clicked on "Info & Appearance." The very first item listed was "Shop Name" (not to be confused with "Shop Title," which is the next item).  When I clicked on "change," I was surprised that it said you could only change the name of your shop once.  Even though I was very confident about my decision to change the name, it made me pause a little...scary!

Fortunately, it does look like you can try to request an additional name change if you typed it in wrong or have a legal reason for changing it.  Another thing to note is that changing your shop name doesn't change your username.  You will still login the same way you did before. Those of you who used your own name for this will probably be glad you did.

I had to see how it would look on the Etsy site, so I played with an old treasury that only had a few items still in it. You'll see how I used to be listed when you look at the Curator spot. Your logo/photo/avatar and shop name at the time you posted it never change. Fortunately, Etsy does update the shop name of each of the items listed in the treasury.  NativeAndPilgrim is too long to show the full name with the little picture listing in the treasury.  When I make comments, it says "Karen from NativeAndPilgrim" and I really like how that looks.

Changing your shop name will change your URL (website address) on Etsy, but all your old links will be forwarded automatically. Nobody will be able to use your old shop name either.

Is anyone else changing their Etsy shop name?  I want to hear from you.

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Melobeau said...

Most interesting, I've had my shop name at Etsy for a long time, but never actually opened the shop until 6 weeks ago. At the time I was thinking of changing the shop name but then decided not to because I wasn't sure how it would work. It's nice to know that I could change it in the future if I ever decided I wanted to. Thanks1

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