Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Great Change at Etsy

Etsy has finally made one of the changes that shop owners have been begging for. You will soon be able to change the name of your shop.  This may not be a big deal to those of you who chose your username/shop name well.  For people like me, who later got serious and had to choose a business name that was more unique, getting stuck with an Etsy name that doesn't match the name of your business is a nightmare. 

I switched from Native Sky to Native & Pilgrim over a year ago.  I don't regret changing the name of our business. It was a wonderful decision! Etsy's refusal to let people change their usernames (which are also the shop names) became more and more annoying as I would communicate on Etsy via email, forums, etc. and I was stuck with the old name. 

This change will come about around October 18th. You will also be able to customize how your name is displayed when posting on Etsy.  It will be nice to show up as Karen from Native & Pilgrim so people will see me as a shop owner. It always seemed awkward to post comments as your shop's name.

No news yet on one of the other changes we've been waiting for. I still hold out hope that we will eventually be able to have multiple shops under one Etsy account. It would be nice to separate very different items into different shops but still be able to benefit from all the feedback associated with your business. I sure hope that one is next!

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