Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why You Need the Etsy Madness

Ever since I started this blog, I've struggled with the idea of what I'm trying to do with it.  Surviving the Etsy Madness isn't the only blog about Etsy.  I'm a fan of Handmadeology. They report on Etsy news and post a lot of articles about the business of selling on Etsy.  I don't see them as competition because I don't have the kind of resources they do.

This blog is more than just reporting the news about Etsy.  It's a look into my personal journey with selling online. and I enjoy being able to share my own personal experiences with fellow sellers. You're not the only one trying to understand the terminology, hoping to find customers, and coping with frustration. When you sell handmade items, it's a very personal process. The customer who shrugs off a purchase feels like they're rejecting you personally. I catch myself wanting to ask them, "Why don't you want that? Is it the wrong size or wrong color? Is it too expensive? Are you trying to figure out how it make it yourself?"  I may not handle it the right way every time, but you'll get the benefit of my experiences.

Wondering where you fit in this Etsy Madness?  The biggest thing is you give me a reason to keep writing. You can join me in all this madness by sharing your experiences, tips, and tricks or by asking questions that are bugging you.  I'm open to questions and suggestions for what direction to go from here. We're in this journey together!

1 mad comments:

Suzanne said...

I am still on etsy, but it never took off for me. I scaled back and put my shop on ArtFire with more success. My second greatest venue is eCrater. Who knows, but I guess we all do better in some venues. I'm on the ever-changing learning curve!

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