Thursday, November 24, 2011

Etsy Goes Mobile!

I have to admit I'm absolutely addicted to my iPhone. It just tickles me to be able to scan my prescriptions to order refills. Nothing makes you feel more powerful than pulling up info in seconds - I can answer trivia questions, identify the song playing, track my health statistics and share them with my doctor, check sports scores and schedules, buy movie tickets, manage my bank account, and more.

What has been missing since I got my iPhone is an official Etsy app. There were a few apps that allowed access to Etsy, but the reviews couldn't convince me to purchase them. I didn't want to shop Etsy from my phone. I wanted to manage my shop from my phone.

Etsy has now released an iPhone and Android app and it's FREE!  I'm just beginning to check it out, so I can't tell you much yet. The first thing I tried was looking at my expired listings and I was able to quickly and easily renew an expired item. Awesome!  I like knowing that I can be selling live and deactivate items in my shop as they sell rather than putting the whole shop on vacation to avoid duplicate sales.

If you've tried the Etsy app already, let me know what you think. All you sellers out there - is this something you will use? I know I will!

1 mad comments:

KCarey said...

I'm not seeing an actual app, just a mobile site. It is great, cause I like being able to edit things when out and about.

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