Monday, November 14, 2011

The Value of a High Priced Item in Your Shop

Something interesting occurred to me as I looked at our Etsy shop stats today. Having a higher priced item in our shop isn't a total waste.  Even though we don't seem close to selling those heirloom quality tatted baby booties, lots of people seem to be looking at them. 

There's something fascinating about "window shopping" or looking at items you probably won't buy. For those of us who remember the days of the printed catalog, there was something magical about flipping through the Sears, JC Penney, or Montgomery Ward catalog.

The baby booties don't have to sell in order to be successful. People browsing on Etsy and hopping over to look at the booties are introduced to my little "catalog" of products. That could lead to sales or even shoppers sharing my products as "favorites" with their friends, bringing even more people to my shop.

This weekend, we set up a table at the Utah Valley University Powwow.  Although we expect to sell more of our Native American items there, sometimes its my fancier tatted necklaces that get people's attention. My favorite "showcase" piece is this peach colored necklace with beaded flowers.  I was almost disappointed when a woman purchased it Saturday.

Don't be afraid to throw an item in your shop that seems impossible to sell. It just may be the item that brings people into your shop to look around.  I'd love to hear about it.

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Heather Leavers said...

I couldn't agree more, for severalreasons. Firstly, a fab piece of advice I was given years ago by a fellow Etsian - our customers do not have to be in the same income bracket as ourselves.

And secondly - who knows what will be the "must buy" item for any browser? I certainly don't! A long time ago I saw a particular item was about to expire...again. I looked at it and wondered what on earth I had been thinking. I decided I'd bin it, really couldn't be bothered with photographing it again, nobody would ever want it.

An hour later it had not just sold, but sold to someone who emailed me saying it was the best thing ever, couldn't wait to get it - when she emailed me again, even more enthusiastically.

You just can't tell...

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