Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sharing Talents

This Christmas, I participated in a tatted ornament exchange.It was set up through a tatters group on Facebook. Each of us was given the name and address of another tatter to send an ornament to. I received a red and white candy cane and silvery tree from Barbara. The organizer of the exchange also sent me a cute little tatted wreath.

The ornaments I tatted
For Nancy, I tatted an Asian style tree and tatted over a small glass ball ornament. We all posted photos on Facebook of the ornaments we received. It was fun to see the variety.

Exchanges like these not only develop friendships, they also expose us to the work of others. I find that it helps me to open my mind to new possibilities and to see the techniques of others.

Tatted ornaments from Barbara
As I took some time off from work, I had a chance to go through all my tatting patterns and supplies. I found an old envelope from an exchange done many years ago. It was organized in an online forum, but it was well before the days of social media communities. We exchanged stationery that had some tatted element. Each person in the exchange sent twelve items to the organizer and we received an envelope with a sample of each person's work. There were cards, postcards, and sheets of stationery. Some had simple tatted motifs and others were fancier.

I highly recommend finding ways to socialize with others who share your talents. There are Facebook pages and groups as well as bulletin board forums and blogs. Some Etsy teams focus on specific types of products as well. You might be amazed at the questions you can answer for each other in these groups and the resources and instruction that are shared.

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