Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Without a Day Job

I'm a little shaken at the moment. Just as I was gearing myself up to be super positive and have a great year, my day job was eliminated. January 20, 2012, will live on in my memory as the day my job quit me.

Not having a full-time job provides me with more time for other things, but I really need to treat my job search as my new job. I've found that I actually thrive on being overly busy, so having my days less full is difficult. Getting myself organized and establishing a new schedule is going to be essential if I want to get anything done.

Today I found myself catching up on photographing and listing some of the items we've made recently but never managed to get into our Etsy shop. I also looked over some of the applications for upcoming farmers' markets and boutiques. Without a job to support me, it's even scarier to risk the money some of these places are asking from vendors.

As I move forward, I will still keep up on the blog. It's nice to have an audience out there and I hope you are all faring well in the new year.

1 mad comments:

Amanda said...

Beautiful items! Best of luck in your search!

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