Friday, February 24, 2012

Feature Friday - FantaSea Jewelry

FantaSea Jewelry - Dragonfly

Have you ever been browsing online and stumble across a photo that just makes you stop and stare? I'm going to share the one that caught my attention the other day on Etsy.  It's a sterling silver dragonfly with blue topaz.

I love dragonflies and I grew up on the ocean. FantaSea Jewelry's Etsy shop is absolutely breathtaking with its silver creations beautifully photographed over driftwood.

When I look at an Etsy shop, I like to see what they put in their shop announcement, shop policies, etc. It gives me an idea of how professional they are about running their shop. FantaSea Jewelry does an excellent job of making customers aware of the time it will take to receive their orders:
Please keep in mind that I am shipping from the Caribbean, and although we are part of the US, shipping will still take LONGER than shipping stateside and I have no control over this! Please expect delivery between 5-12 days from the day I shipped your item out. Most items are handcrafted at the time of purchase so please expect 5 days for production. If an item is ready to ship, I will email you and let you know when I receive the order. Thank you!!!
 You can avoid negative feedback and unrealistic expectations by letting your customers know what your process is like. Some friends of mine recently opened a wonderfully original restaurant and art gallery. Because they make all their entrees and sauces from scratch, it takes some time to get your food. On opening weekend, our server was apologetic about the delay. I later talked to the owner and told her that instead of apologizing, the server should let the customer know that the food is being cooked from scratch at the time of the order. Customers just need to know what to expect. Not everyone is in a hurry and many things are worth the wait.

FantaSea Jewelry - Octopus
I'm so glad I stumbled across FantaSea Jewelry's shop, especially since I never manage to get to the Caribbean to go shopping.  In addition to sharing my favorite items on Facebook, I pinned them on Pinterest so others can admire their beauty. My husband may be getting tired of all my hints, though...

FantaSea Jewelry - SeaHorse

2 mad comments:

fantaseajewelry said...

Thank you so much for featuring my work on Etsy Madness! I'd love to offer you a little discount in my shop:) Use coupon code: TENPERCENTOFF at checkout. Just my little way of saying thanks to you and your blog readers!

Suzanne said...

Lovely work - Thank you for pointing this one out!

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