Friday, March 23, 2012

Great Idea Taken Down by Bad Timing

I recently learned about an amazing product.  Unfortunately, I heard about it because they are going out of business.  The Swany Walkin'Bag, was designed by a Japanese CEO who is a polio survivor. Etsuo Miyoshi needed a bag that was light, easy to maneuver, and that he could literally lean on for support. With two of these suitcases, he could lean on the extended handles and use them like crutches.
Despite the great success of these bags, the downturn in the economy and then supply problems resulting from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami last year led Swany to close their operations in the United States.  It's a real shame since these are really amazing bags/suitcases. They're offering my readers an amazing price on their remaining bags.

More details about the bags and the discount are on my other blog

Coming up with an awesome and innovative product doesn't always guarantee you success. There are so many variables to success in business that you can't know for sure what will happen.  I can think of a lot of examples just off the top of my head. When the home video recorder first came on the scene, the Beta format was the better product, but the VHS format ended up pushing Beta out of the market. Kodak was once king of the photography scene. Unfortunately, they missed the boat on the whole digital revolution. Sony was the top dog when I was a teenager because everyone wanted a Walkman. They were caught napping when more people wanted mp3 players and left CD and tape players behind. 

I don't say all this to discourage you. It's just good to know that things don't always work out perfectly. If your efforts don't pay off this time, don't give up.  Keep trying. Keep creating. You won't know which one of your inventions, creations, innovations, or dreams will be a hit until it happens.

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