Monday, May 7, 2012

Great Pricing Change for Multiple Quantities on Etsy

I was never a fan of how Etsy charged you a listing fee for each item when you had multiple quantities of the same item. If I make 10 identical pairs of earrings and list them on Etsy with a quantity of 10 being available, Etsy will charge me 20 cents for each, resulting in a listing fee of $2.00. Because of that, I usually just list one item and mention in the description that I have larger quantities available.

Etsy seems to have finally come to its senses with this pricing system and is now only charging the one listing fee of 20 cents, even if you have a bunch of the same item. If you sell more than one of the item, Etsy will add the listing fee for each of them, but at least you're not paying multiple listing fees for something that's just sitting there. If you're confused by what I'm saying, you may want to check out this explanation with illustrations.

It basically boils down to
  1. If you sell all the items you list, the cost to you will be the same
  2. If you  list something with multiple quantities and they don't all sell, you will save money
This new pricing policy goes into effect on May 21, 2012. I'm happy I will be able to list multiple quantities without penalty.

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