Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trying a New Market

We started our summer by setting up at Provo's Farmers Market. The advantage to that market was that it was closer to home and it started earlier in the summer than some of the other markets. Unfortunately, patrons are often disappointed when they come to a farmers market and there are very few farmers. We toughed it out for roughly two months, but business was very slow. This area is notorious for people wanting to buy things cheap or just scoping out your stuff so they can copy it.

When we learned about a new market in Highland, we decided to give it a shot. The Highland Town Market is in its first year and is pretty small, but people who live in the Highland area seem to appreciate handmade items better. I've enjoyed having people like our creations and not turn their noses up at the prices. The first weekend was slow and most people were stopping by to see what was going on. Even though there weren't more people yesterday, there were more people buying.

This market feels like a good fit for us. One of our young customers event recommended that I do more tatted items in orange since she has lots of friends who would buy stuff that's orange. So cute! I took her advice and I hope she's right. New markets seem to be popping up all the time and I'm glad we were paying attention.

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