Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday Sales

I really look forward to the Autumn months on Etsy. That's when sales really start picking up for us as people do their holiday shopping. Online shopping just keeps getting more popular and that's good for those of us selling on Etsy.  Handmadeology has a great infographic that shows the trends.

Online selling continues to be my best option. Since I work a full-time job (with a lengthy commute), I can't participate in very many of the local boutiques. I set up at the annual Heritage School boutique in mid-November and had a few sales. The cost was minimal and Heritage handled the cashiering, so it was worth the risk. Unfortunately, a heavy snowstorm hit on the last day of the boutique, robbing us of potential customers.

I've noticed that nearly all of the recent purchases from our shop have been through Etsy's direct checkout. I don't know if that's because it's the first option the customers notice or if they don't have PayPal accounts (or don't want to bother with PayPal). The other thing I've noticed is that more purchases are coming from people who aren't regular Etsy customers. In the beginning, my customers were more likely to be people who already had Etsy accounts and spent more time on Etsy. Recent customers have joined Etsy just to make the purchase from me.

What kind of trends are you seeing in your online sales?

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