Sunday, December 30, 2012

All Etsy Apps are Not Equal

Just over a year ago, I was excited to tell everyone about how Etsy had this amazing app. My only experience was with the iPhone and the iPhone app for Etsy. I loved it and used it a lot when I needed to manage my shop on the go. It made it possible for me to continue selling online when I set up at boutiques. If an item sold, I could quickly deactivate it in my Etsy shop. Without this app people had to either put their shop on vacation or hope that they didn't ended up double selling something.

This week, I tried the Etsy app made for Android. It's definitely for buyers only. There are no options there for managing your shop. I don't understand why the iPhone and Android versions are so completely different. One of the highlights of the Christmas shopping season was hearing that "cha-ching" cash register sound on my iPhone every time I made a sale.

Have you tried any of the Etsy apps? Any favorites?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bring Aprons Out of the Closet

I'm not much of a cook, so I really don't think a lot about aprons. I have to admit I assume that people wearing fancy aprons must be really good in the kitchen. That probably explains the few boring, food-stained aprons I have hanging in the corner. I don't rate a great apron.

Grandway recently offered me an opportunity to try out a great apron.  They've made vintage inspired aprons that look like adorable dresses straight out of an old movie.

I love seeing a company taking a common product in a new direction! The apron I tried was The Lindy. Since I am both large and tall, I was really impressed by the adjustable buttons along the neck. The apron ties are also very long and can be tied in the back or wrapped around again to the front.

The idea with these cute aprons is to feel like you can keep your apron on even after your guests arrive. I felt like it was much cuter than the boring black dress I was wearing when I took the pictures. The quality of the material impressed me since I've had a few aprons with material that didn't adequately protect my clothing. Even if I can't cook beyond mac 'n cheese, at least I can look good during the attempt.

To show how the same apron can be worn beautifully by women of different sizes, shapes, and ages, I enlisted the help of Dyllen, a quirky drama major who is dating my son, to use the apron as well.  Isn't she cute? In addition to these sassy aprons, Grandway has matching pot holders, gloves, laundry bags, and even brooms.

Grandway is following the same dream that I had when I started Native & Pilgrim - taking something familiar and putting your own twist on it. While other people use their tatting skills to make doilies, I prefer to make jewelry and other wearables. We've seen the same Native American and Southwestern inspired jewelry over and over so we modernize the images and even some of the materials. "There are a variety of fabric aprons on the market," Grandway explains, " but we feel like we have added the perfect amount of 'extras' to ours to make them stand out and make them different than other aprons on the market. Gone are the days of taking off your old aprons when company arrives; we have designed the aprons with little fancy dresses in mind so our hostesses can finish their hosting tasks and still look stylish and chic."

Want one of these aprons for yourself?  Grandway has provided me with another apron like the one they gave me so that one of my readers can have one. To enter the contest, leave a comment on this post about your favorite kitchen memory.  For a second entry, go to my post about this apron on The Spirit Bead Journals and leave a comment there.  The drawing will be January 5, 2013.

**Disclaimer - Grandway provided me with the apron pictured in exchange for writing a review of it and sent an extra apron to give to one of my readers.  All the opinions expressed are completely my own.
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