Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Etsy Upgrades Activity Feed

Two years ago, Etsy added Circles and gave us access to an activity feed showing what people in your circle were doing as well as interactions with your shop.  I've been impressed with how the traffic to my shop improved as people clicked on what they saw in their activity feed. Each of us looking around on Etsy end up doing a little cross promoting and that helps everyone in the end.

Etsy has now upgraded that activity feed, giving it a prettier look and giving you a more logical way to see activity specific to your shop. The look will be appealing to those who love hanging out on Pinterest. Let's hope it's just as addicting as Pinterest!

This looks like another great change that well help promote Etsy's online shopping experience. Keep the activity feed in mind as you take product photos since you want them all to look in this virtual catalog environment.

Friday, February 15, 2013

What's Hot in 2013?

Emerald Green

For those who have gotten to know our style at Native and Pilgrim, you know that we don't worry much about what's in. It's not that we don't care. It's just that we made a conscious decision to pursue our own style, regardless of trends. We've seen a lot of people jump on the latest trend, only to get stuck with supplies and unable to sell when the trend fades away.

Even though we don't want to be slaves to what's "in" at the moment, it still helps to pay attention. We're able to adapt to some color and style preferences without sacrificing our own sense of design. According to an article by, serpents (Chinese year of the snake), angular looks, agates, and druzy stone are the top trends in jewelry for 2013. Jewelry Making Daily reminds us that emerald is the Pantone color of the year for 2013 and shows some great examples of gemstones using the trendiest of colors.

Leather & Lace
Etsy's blog had a story about trends for this spring. They mention trends that hit opposite ends of the spectrum - black and white as well as pastels, leather and lace. It doesn't match the other industry trends I've heard so It makes me wonder if they're trying to create some trends of their own. I know they choose treasuries to feature on the front page based on the trends they've announced. One cool feature that seems to have disappeared was the one where you could see what items recently sold. It always helps to see what people are actually buying. There is a "trending items" section, but I don't know exactly how they decide what's trending.

What trends are you seeing for 2013?

Friday, February 8, 2013

USPS Changes

The news here in the United States has focused on the U.S. Postal Service a few times recently. First there was the postage increase. Nothing dramatic, but it can add up after awhile and it's good to keep on top of the rates so you don't lose money on shipping your products to customers.  The bigger news was the announcement that USPS was changing their delivery schedule.

News reports on the delivery schedule change were overly simplified. Everyone was reporting that there would be no more Saturday mail delivery beginning August 5, 2013. Regular mail delivery is being trimmed back to Monday through Friday, but package delivery will continue to happen on Saturdays. That's an important thing to know. The USPS saw a 14% increase in package volume since 2010, most likely due to online shopping. I'm happy to know my customers will continue to receive their packages on Saturdays.

If you're selling online, you depend on these shipping services. Don't let the media lead you astray. It's important to find out the details so you know how to adjust for them.
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