Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Etsy Upgrades Activity Feed

Two years ago, Etsy added Circles and gave us access to an activity feed showing what people in your circle were doing as well as interactions with your shop.  I've been impressed with how the traffic to my shop improved as people clicked on what they saw in their activity feed. Each of us looking around on Etsy end up doing a little cross promoting and that helps everyone in the end.

Etsy has now upgraded that activity feed, giving it a prettier look and giving you a more logical way to see activity specific to your shop. The look will be appealing to those who love hanging out on Pinterest. Let's hope it's just as addicting as Pinterest!

This looks like another great change that well help promote Etsy's online shopping experience. Keep the activity feed in mind as you take product photos since you want them all to look in this virtual catalog environment.

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