Friday, February 8, 2013

USPS Changes

The news here in the United States has focused on the U.S. Postal Service a few times recently. First there was the postage increase. Nothing dramatic, but it can add up after awhile and it's good to keep on top of the rates so you don't lose money on shipping your products to customers.  The bigger news was the announcement that USPS was changing their delivery schedule.

News reports on the delivery schedule change were overly simplified. Everyone was reporting that there would be no more Saturday mail delivery beginning August 5, 2013. Regular mail delivery is being trimmed back to Monday through Friday, but package delivery will continue to happen on Saturdays. That's an important thing to know. The USPS saw a 14% increase in package volume since 2010, most likely due to online shopping. I'm happy to know my customers will continue to receive their packages on Saturdays.

If you're selling online, you depend on these shipping services. Don't let the media lead you astray. It's important to find out the details so you know how to adjust for them.

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