Sunday, March 31, 2013

Etsy Variations and Apps Don't Get Along

I've been enjoying seeing increased sales of our Native American button sets on Etsy. When I first listed them, I was reluctant to make a separate listing for each set. Instead, I grouped several sets together on each listing and used Etsy's variations feature to allow customers to choose which set they were buying.  Until today, this was working pretty decently.

As I was working on our Easter dinner, I heard the "cha-ching" sound from my iPhone, letting me know I had an Etsy order. I just love that sound! When I logged onto Etsy to check on the details of the order, there was a notation saying that the customer hadn't chosen a variation because the purchase was made using Etsy's iPhone app. How could this be?! Etsy recommended that I contact the customer to determine which variation they wanted.

After thinking about this problem for a bit, I decided that it was time to list each of the button sets separately. As I spent some time copying and editing the listings, I remembered how difficult that would have been when I first joined Etsy. Back then, there was no "copy" feature available. I would have one item open in a tab on my browser and then would have another tab opened to the new item listing and would copy and paste, clicking back and forth between tabs.  So happy Etsy has progressed!

This all worked fine for the way I had used the variations feature.  If I had been using variations to let people choose the color or size of an item, I would have been much more upset about having to list them all separately.  Even though that's the way it used to be on Etsy not all that long ago, I hate to start going backwards.

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