Sunday, April 7, 2013

Telling Your Shop's Story

One of the things I like when we're selling our creations in person is being able to tell people about what we do and why we do it. How did we end up starting an arts and crafts business? Why did we do in the direction we have with our creations?  I enjoy telling people a little more about us and it seems to make customers more enthusiastic about purchasing from us.

When I was adding new products to our shop this weekend, I noticed a little spot to "Edit about page" and I wondered how long it had been there. Clicking it opened up to a wonderful new page that could be edited to tell our story, tell about each of us who create things for the shop, and add pictures.

Etsy has given it a bit of a scrapbooky feel by cropping the people pictures to a circle shape. The big picture at the top rotates and has a caption at the bottom. You're encouraged to use these picture slots to show your workshop and the creative process.

Want to know more?  Etsy has a blog post on it. I guess it's been available since last summer, but sometimes I don't notice the new stuff unless it slaps me in the face.  I wonder what else I've missed...

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