Thursday, July 25, 2013

Listing New Items is Time Consuming

I'm taking a few days off from my regular job to relax and maybe catch up with some things around the
house. One of the things I needed to catch up on was getting new items listed in our Etsy shop. It seems like it should be an easy thing to do. For those who make the same items over and over, they can update the quantity or copy the listing and be done.

For people like us, who get bored after each project and try something new every time, listing a new item in the shop takes considerable time. First, I have to take some decent pictures. I used to take more time with this but I've resorted to some quick photos and quick cropping and resizing as the only edits. Then you need to fill in all the important stuff on the Etsy listing. I've always been good about measuring things and putting them in both inches and centimeters so people can make an informed purchase.

Deciding on a price for each new item is almost torture since we never really get back what we put into it as far as our time, but we don't want to price things so high that nobody will buy them. Plus, my dear husband doesn't help a lot with pricing. I ask him what he wants to charge for a necklace he just finished and he answers, "one thousand dollars." So helpful! Now I just try to get him to tell me which items took more or less time than the others and which ones used more expensive materials.

A few hours later and I now have three beaded necklaces, a tatted baby bracelet, tatted lanyard, and a woven leather bracelet added to Etsy and ready to sell.

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