Monday, September 2, 2013

Etsy overhauls its feedback system

Over the last week, Etsy rolled out a new system for providing feedback on purchases. The old system
allowed the buyer to rate the seller and the seller to rate the buyer. It was created back when more sellers were accepting checks and money orders as payment and needed to know if they could trust the buyer. With most purchases being made with credit cards and through PayPal, rating the buyer is more of a bother, especially if you make a lot of sales.

"Feedback" is now gone and has been replaced by "Shop Reviews," which can be found in the "Your Shop" menu dropdown. Shops can receive ratings in a 1-5 star system as well as comments about their purchase. Etsy has incorporated processing and shipping estimates into the system, so be aware that buyers may not be able to review their purchases immediately if Etsy believes that they won't receive the items for several days.

The details for Shop Reviews are up as well as an FAQ area. I believe this is a good change, but only time will tell. Some shop owners are nervous about not being able to respond to negative reviews. Because the reviewer's profile is attached to the review, I'm hoping this will discourage those who are abusive with negative reviews. Etsy is also supposed to have a way to report abusive reviews as well. I think the new format is much more attractive and usable for prospective customers.

Have you looked at your shop's reviews? What do you think?
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